The Purposeful Author: Why an Author needs to be intentional about his writing.

As a self-published author, I know what a difference being published can make. Firstly, to the author – in terms of their self-esteem and the confidence they develop around their experience and the value they bring to their world – and secondly, to their readers who, of course, benefit from the content shared in a book – whether it be shared for entertainment or for educational purposes.

I first published 8 years ago when the 2nd biggest print-on-demand company was just 1 year old. Since then I have helped more than 200 authors aged between 8 and 78 to become published and many of them I have worked with on several occasions, which has been enormous fun.

As you can imagine, I have learned a lot from the experience I’ve gained during that time, and while I have often compared this journey to an extreme sport, with a very steep learning curve, I would not change a thing.

Something that I have come to know for sure during that time, and something that stands out from everything else I have learned, is this: people want to be moved.  They want to feel something, whether they are aware of that or not. Every time they go to a movie, turn on Netflix or pick up a book or engage in a conversation, they are looking to experience something.

We are constantly being bombarded with data that’s coming at us from every possible direction, and our brains are full to overflowing with it.  I can promise you, people don’t want more data

People want connection

From a writer’s perspective, how very disappointing it is to pour your heart and soul into something – an article, a blog or a book, only to have it land on deaf ears.  Has this happened to you?

The author who understands that a reader seeks connection and wants to be moved, is going to write very differently to an author who doesn’t. In fact, an author who understands this will make connection his #1 priority and will intentionally write in a way that fosters connection between himself or his character and his reader.

He will allow himself or his characters to be vulnerable, exposing his flaws and weaknesses to his reader through purposeful, authentic storytelling that forces a reader to have to confront her own fears about herself.  And by giving the reader and opportunity to feel, the author has created a connection.

How do you achieve that? I hear you ask. 

You know, there is a way, and a few guidelines can really make a difference in helping you hit the mark every single time you sit down to write.

If it is your intention to stir something in your readers and develop a real connection with your target audience, ask me about my fill-in-the-blanks business book template called Fully Authorised. I created it especially to help passionate, heart-centred maturepreneurs and women of wisdom share their experience and their expertise in such a way, that they not only educate people about themselves and their products and services, but they move them, and connect with them, and make it impossible for their readers not to know like and trust them enough to buy from them.

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