The first draft is for you… 

How is your writing going?

Today, I especially wanted to speak to those of you who are writing non-fiction books. It is really important for you to understand this so take note:

The first draft of your book is for you.

The second and subsequent drafts are for your reader. 

Writing a book, especially a memoir, is a very personal and often confronting experience that requires truckloads of patience and self-compassion. 

More often than not, a first draft is more like a dump than a book, and that is perfectly fine.  

If you want to sell books, however, and especially if you want to help other people with your experience and expertise, the second and subsequent drafts have to be for your reader. 

What does that mean?  It means that once you’ve told your story, you then have to look at it from the point of view of the reader.  

Having worked with hundreds of authors now, we understand that most authors don’t just want to write a book. They want to have an impact and they want their story to be inspiration for another to keep going and achieve greater things in their lives. 

So how do you write for your reader? 

You need to ask the right questions.  
Questions like:

Who is going to be reading it and who might benefit from it? 

What is going on for them? 

What do they need from me? 

What do I have to offer them? 

What do I want them to take away from my story and what sort of impact do I want to have on them? 

When you can answer these questions you will know how to shape your book so that it will go further than just tell your story. It will actually have an impact and it will make a difference. 

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