Your Voice Matters… 

How many times in your life have you felt unseen, unheard and undervalued. 

OMG, it hurts doesn’t it!! 

As children, it is a common experience – sometimes too common – to feel this way, and each time it happens it erodes our self-confidence further and further, and some of us begin to believe we’re not worth listening to. 

As adults, we then carry an empty, black hole around inside us. We seek validation from the wrong people and that emptiness inside remains unfulfilled.  

In fact, each time we try to speak up and are not listened to, or we feel we are not being valued, the wound gets worse.  

For many, by the time they’ve reach adulthood, they’ve given up on trying to be heard and that is soooooo sad. 

If this rings true for you I want you to hear this: 

As long as you are alive, life’s not done with you yet…there’s so much more to your story.   

Let me explain…

Maybe you don’t feel deserving, but you’ve come a long way, you know who you are now, and you know you can’t stay where you’re at. 

So, you’re not done yet either… 

You are more than capable of speaking up and speaking out whether someone wants to listen to you or not. 

Your worth is not determined by the opinions, actions or inactions of others. 

You see, there is only one thing worse than not feeling valued by someone else, and that is when you don’t value yourself. 

Who are you to deny the voice that lies deep within you? 

Every voice matters, starting with yours.  And you have the power to value yourself enough to speak up and speak out regardless of who is, or isn’t, listening. 

You are more than able to speak 
You are more than able to put your words in writing
You are more than able to share your story with others  
You are more than able to give yourself permission to speak rather than wait for an invitation from someone else. 


Validate yourself. 

Not everyone will get you. 

Not everyone will understand you. 

And instead of owning their inability to understand you, some people will judge you as being inadequate or lacking in some way. 

There will always be those people and there is nothing you can do about that. 

What you can do is back yourself and speak up anyway. 

And the power that lies in backing yourself in this way is greater than anything else you could possibly experience. 

Embrace your unique perspective and let it shine through your writing.

And let us help you amplify your voice in the form of a book so it can be heard across the globe. 

If you want help going from an idea in your head to a holding a book in your hand then reach out to us. 

We have a number of options: 

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We love helping authors speak up and turn their stories into tools for transformation. 

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