Last year I wrote a blog about how to write a good nonfiction book and I used an acronym I created using the word WRITE.

W…Wisdom – what is your zone of genius or area of expertise?

R…Reader – who are you writing to? Who is going to benefit most from your wisdom?

I…Intention – what is the main message you want your reader to receive?

T…Transformation – what change are you hoping to facilitate through your book?  What is different about you/your book and how is your book going to succeed in facilitating transformational change when there are so many other books on the same topic in the marketplace? What is your transformational edge?

E…Execute – Work out what you need to do to get your book written and do it!!

Once you have written your book you have to market it.  There is no getting around this. The process is simply an extension of the same process you used to write your book.  I have created another acronym to help you remember each of the steps, using the word MARKET of course. 🙂

M…Message – Keep these things central to your marketing objectives at all times:

Your wisdom

Your reader

Your intention

Your transformational edge

A…Action – If you don’t put your book in front of your readers they will not know about your book and they won’t be able to buy your book and they won’t be able to receive your wisdom or experience the transformation that is available to them through your book.

List all the places where your reader hangs out and go there regularly so your readers can get to know you, get comfortable with you, get to like you and hopefully get to trust you.

You can also create your own space where your readers might like to come and hang out with you.


Have a very clear understanding of what your reader needs and how you can help him/her.

Make an offer to your readers and invite them to your mailing list where you can build a relationship with them via regular communication.

Work the numbers. Only a small percentage of your list will buy from you at any one time so you need a growing list to sell to but they need to be genuine readers who are engaged in the content you are sharing with them regularly.

K…Knowledge – share your wisdom in ways that your readers can easily consume it.

Blogs, podcasts, facebook lives, social media posts, and any other way you can think of

E…Educate – share your wisdom in a way that is genuinely helpful to your reader and then invite them to either buy your book or work with you in some way.

Share your knowledge. Invite them to buy your book or work with you. This is a simple business model that works for some of the most successful business people I know.

T…Transform – people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  When they know that you care, however, they will not only allow you to transform their lives, they will start marketing your book/coaching/courses for you because they will want their friends lives to be transformed too. The best part is that they will market your book with total conviction. 

It is said that it is never too early to start marketing your book but it is never to late to start marketing a book either.

Invest time and money into building your own marketing skills or pay someone else to help you market your book.  

If you truly believe in what you have written and if you really want to be of service to your readers then create a marketing plan and put it into action and don’t give up.

Set a goal to put your book in front of at least 10,000 unique people every year. Broken down that means putting your book in front of groups of 100 people twice a week for 52 weeks of the year.

According to some book marketing experts I follow, once you have done this for 2 or more years, your book might go viral.  

What would that mean to you? What sort of difference would that make to you and to the people you want to help?

It might take less effort for your book to become a real best seller, or it might take more.  What I do know is that it isn’t going to happen if you are not sharing your book far and wide every chance you get and if you are not building relationships with your readers.

How committed are you willing to be?

Follow this link if you would like a copy of our comprehensive Write to Market Checklist

If you would like to know more about building an author platform I have a module that takes you through every step. Hit reply or email me at deb@disruptivepublishing.com.au and I will give you the details.

Your book in the hands of an Influencer…

I wanted to share with you how one or our authors ended up having her book shared to a mailing list of more than 60K people, then to a Facebook page with a following of more than 230K, and then to an Instagram account with a following of more than 61K people.

Disruptive Author Zoe Martin, author of Making Peace with Autism, was inspired to send a copy of her book to one of her favourite people and someone who had been a positive influence in her life. She sent it as a gift to say thank you for what this person had done for her and her family.

A couple of weeks later, Zoe received a phone call from that person – leading parenting educator, Maggie Dent – and let’s just say that Maggie was delighted with her gift and wanted to do something for Zoe in return.

Maggie told Zoe that she would be promoting Zoe’s book as her book of the month and that she hoped every single person who followed her would buy her book.

How exciting is that?! Zoe has had just a few sales come in as a result, which is just wonderful, and it is good for everyone.

So let me ask you, is there an influencer in your life that might appreciate a heartfelt gift from you? Perhaps a copy of your book? You never know who might pick it up and benefit from reading it so why not send it out there.

PS: If you would like to know more about building your author platform, message me at deb@disruptivepublishing.com.au and I will show you how to access my Masterclass ~ How To Build Your Author Platform.

How Do I Write My Book?

This is the most common question I am asked when I am approached by aspiring authors. They know their topic, they know who they want to help and they know how they want to help them. They just don’t know how to get what they know into some sort of order that will make sense to them and to their readers.

At Disruptive Publishing, we use structured formulas to guide aspiring authors and help them get from “Where do I start?” to “OMG that was so much easier than I thought it would be!

Being able to successfully do this for our authors is the reason we have been able to help well over 100 authors realise their dream of becoming published.

So if you are struggling to finish your book – or if you don’t even know where to start – reach out and let us help you. Our extensive experience will save you time and money and you will achieve your goal in the shortest possible time frame.

There are lots of ways in which we can help you. Click on our Heartbeat Brochure to find out how.

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We’d love the opportunity to help you realise your dream.

5 Things You MUST DO If You Want To W.R.I.T.E. A Good Nonfiction Book

One question I am often asked is, “How do I write a book?”, the answer to which can be quite long and involved.

In fact, I offer a membership program – Authorpreneurs Bootcamp – which is dedicated to teaching aspiring authors how to write and publish their books because there is no possible way to answer that question in one conversation.

When a friend messaged me recently to ask me what guidance I could offer her as she embarked on her own book-writing adventure, I gave her my best advice on how to set herself up for success.

In short, there are a lot of books on the market, and while I personally think there are not enough, it helps to approach this from the right space so you can have the biggest possible impact in return for the time and energy you are going to invest.

The following 5 things will help you write a good nonfiction book and have a successful publishing experience.

You have to know how to W.R.I.T.E.:

  1. W stands for Wisdom. You need to have some sort of knowledge or expertise that people will want to know more about. You also need to be passionate about sharing your wisdom and be willing to be vulnerable.
  2. R stands for Reader. You need to know who you are writing to and have a good understanding of what they are dealing with and what they are looking for so that you can write to them as if you were writing a letter.
  3. I stands for Intention. Be clear about the message you want to convey through your book and let that be your guiding light as you write your book.
  4. T stands for Transformation. Understand that the best nonficiton books are transformational. How will you use your book to transform the lives of your readers? Know what your point of difference is and why your reader needs to read your book as opposed to someone else’s book on the same topic.
  5. E stands for Execute. Create a plan to write your book and execute it. Schedule it in to your calendar and show up to write. Invest in the skills you need. Get the right help. Make it happen. Otherwise all that life-changing, inspirational wisdom you have will never make into a book and into your hands, let alone into the hands of those who really need to hear from you.

Let me know if you find this helpful, and if you have other questions you would like answered, comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.


Featured Image Photo by Peter Olexa from Pexels

December Feng Shui and Managing Your Energy

I’m putting my Feng Shui hat on today and I want to talk to you about the current, and very interesting energies in our homes and workplaces that might be impacting your writing, your marketing or your business this month.

If it feels to you like everything is heightened then that would mean that you were tapping in to what is happening.

We currently have extreme energies in all areas of our homes and workplaces and when it comes to the good energies, that is fantastic.  When it comes to negative influences, however, that is not so good.

Moving into the heart of all of our spaces is an energy that at the very least brings conflict and quarrelling.  You might feel particularly prickly or super sensitive to the people around you and you might find yourself wanting to gossip uncharacteristically, or complain, or worse, attack others because they are triggering you.

Given that potentially everyone is tapping into this same energy and is prone to feeling triggered to some degree, I encourage you to take responsibility for the energy you bring to your day, your interactions, your responses, your reactions to the events of the day and to yourself.

Be mindful, be gentle, be slow to judge and question everything you think because just because you think something does not make it true.

If you are feeling tense, irritable, sensitive and your tolerance levels are lower than usual I encourage you to drink lots of water to flush toxins, walk to move energy through your body, talk to someone about how you feel and get things off your chest or write your thoughts and feelings in a journal to get them out of your head and out of your body.

Breathe and count to 3 before you re-act to something or someone.

And finally, do what you can to maintain a quiet and still energy at the centre of your home and workplaces.

If we all do this for ourselves then perhaps we might survive the month and keep our families in tact through the Christmas period. <3

Bullying. No Way!

If you, or someone you know, has ever been the victim of bullying behaviour then you will more than likely be aware that this Friday 15th March is the National Day Of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

To coincide with this event, we are excited to announce that our most recent MJL Author Sue Suchocki is launching her new book, The Emotions Behind Bullying Behaviour.

Sue offers ways to understand and approach bullying behaviour that will bring about healing and change for everyone involved and it has been really exciting helping her to bring this book to life.

If you are looking for a way to take action against bullying and violence on this National Day of Actions Against Bullying and Violence then click on the book below and grab a copy of Sue’s book right now from Amazon.

Click on the book to get your copy now.

Getting Known, Being Seen.

I was fortunate to be able to see Mark Bouris present recently and during his presentation he quoted Richard Branson stating that in building your business and your brand you need to seek opportunities to gain “notoriety with affection”.

Given that much of my work currently is with small business people seeking to set themselves apart from the crowd and build more meaningful relationships with their target market through storytelling and publishing, that concept really resonated with me and I understand the importance of being able to achieve that if you want a strong and profitable business.

You can imagine how excited I was then to be interviewed recently by Get Known Be Seen contributing author and journalist, Sally Eberhardt, for an article she wrote for the Redcliffe Guide.

Sally has done a remarkable job of making me sound quite affable and altruistic for which I am truly grateful, and I’m in awe of her writing talents. And photographer Ben McShea did a great job of making me look acceptable. Thanks guys. And thanks for the plug for MJL Publications.

If gaining notoriety with affection is all about lead generation and you need more leads to grow your business, where and how do you need to be seen in order to gain notoriety with affection on a larger playing field?

You can read the article here:

Is this the opportunity you are looking for?

If you are in business and know that having a book is a great way to reach your target market but don’t have the time or the money to write a whole book on your own then listen in.  You might be my 10th author for our first Business Warrior compilation project.

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See you in class in January 🙂


MJL Publications/My Juicy Life wins MBCC Best Small Business Award 2016

A wonderful thing happened for MJL Publications and My Juicy Life on the weekend. We won the MBCC Best in Small Business Award.


To be nominated by one of our authors, Trish Springsteen, and then to be in the same category with two of our authors Marney Perna and Paula Burgess was so exciting.

Truth is that MJL can’t exist without it’s wonderful authors sharing their beautiful stories and without many others in the background bringing the books to life and getting them noticed. Continue reading “MJL Publications/My Juicy Life wins MBCC Best Small Business Award 2016”

MJL Publications Nominated for a Small Business Award


I am so excited to tell you that MJL Publications is a finalist in the MBCC Business Awards thanks to one of our gorgeous and talented authors Trish Springsteen.

Trish has nominated MJL for a Small Business Award and I am not only over the moon that she would take the time to nominate us, I am blown away by what she had to say about her experience whilst contributing to our compilation book Parenting A Child On The Spectrum. Continue reading “MJL Publications Nominated for a Small Business Award”