ADHD Is Up For Discussion This Month

fullsizerenderIt’s ADHD Awareness Month and on the weekend I was honoured to be the Master Of Ceremonies at the official book launch for Beyond The ADHD Label written by Paula Burgess and published by MJL Publications.
If you or someone you know is living with ADHD please check out this upcoming 2 Day conference hosted by Paula Burgess which has been significantly discounted in celebration of the successful launch of her book.

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Video of Today Extra talking to MJL Publications Author Randa Habelrih Goes Viral

Randa Habelrih was given the opportunity to talk about her School MATES program on Channel 9’s Today Extra yesterday (confusing isn’t it) and her message has resonated with so many people that the video has gone viral.

Randa is doing wonderful work for children on the spectrum and her message is clear.  She wants people to take awareness to a new level that practically facilitates INCLUSION for people on the spectrum and she has created a simply program called School MATES that will show people how to do that in schools.

Great work Randa.

Redcliffe Herald Acknowledges MJL Publications Authors In Two Separate Articles This Week

Redcliffe Herals

What a week for MJL Publications with authors featuring in two separate stories in this week’s Redcliffe Herald.

First we have the article about the launch of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum featuring Leah Adams, Paula Burgess and Deborah Fay.

The launch will be held at Redcliffe Library this Saturday 30th April starting at 2.30pm followed by the lighting of the Victoria Bridge for the second time to mark the official launch and to wind up Autism Awareness Month.

Get your tickets here:  eventbrite button

There was also an article featuring MJL Publications Author Marney Perna who is doing amazing work in the community in her role as President of the Soroptimists International Moreton North Inc. (SIMNI).

Congratulations on all the worthwhile work you do Marney.  We are very proud of you.

Marney in R Herald

If you would like your own copy of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum click here:

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Order a copy of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum

MJL Publications Author Randa Habelrih’s MATES Program Piloted Across Three Schools

Each of the authors who have contributed to Parenting A Child On The Spectrum are doing amazing things for others in the Autism community.

Randa Habelrih made the news this week for her peer-based social inclusion program, School Mates, which aims to assist students who might feel excluded at school.

Three Sydney schools are participating in a pilot of School Mates and Randa has explained how the program would help give students with autism a sense of belonging and make them feel more settled at school.

You can read about it here:

new local badge

Randa also talks about the program in our podcast on A League Of Their Own:

And finally, if you would like a copy of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum click here:

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New Book Lighting The Way for Parents of Children On the Spectrum

 Click here to watch a sneak peak of the launch of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum in front of the Victoria Bridge in Brisbane on Saturday 2nd April.

The lighting up of the Victoria Bridge for the launch of Paren…Last night was such a wonderful experience for me and my contributing authors, with the lighting of the Victoria Bridge for the Launch of our book “Parenting on a child on the Spectrum”. I really wanted to capture the excitement in a short video for all our amazing authors, friends and family that couldn’t be with us.

Posted by MJL Publications on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Purchase your copy of the book here 3DCover without pic_1893x1721

This magnificant photo is being used with permission from Ryan Chapman

MJL Author Paula Burgess Makes News in major Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane papers.

Paula, her son Jesse and their therapy dog River all made the paper today in three states.  Paula writes the story “Expelled from Daycare” in the book Parenting A Child On The Spectrum and has a very interesting story to tell.

paula in fairfax

Well done Paula.

You can read the article here

If you like a copy of Parenting A Child On The Spectrum click here:

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Rejection is not the end of the story

I was researching the number of famous authors who had started their writing careers by self-publishing and I was astounded by how many big name authors had been rejected by publishers before their careers kicked off.

There are some huge names in this BuzzFeed Community article:

20 Brilliant Authors Whose Work Was Initially Rejected

The thing I liked most about reading about those authors, was the fact that they obviously believed enough in themselves to keep going, and to keep putting themselves out there until they achieved what they set out to achieve – to become published authors.

I so admire their tenacity and their stick-to-it-iveness.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will?