Mothers Making a Difference


Mothers Making A Difference is the manifestation of a heartfelt promise. It’s for every mother who is struggling right now, who needs more hope or is looking for inspiration as they navigate their own parenting challenges.

A beautiful gift.  Just in time for Mothers Day!!


Mothers Making a Difference is an honest and intimate look into the lives of 21 incredible women who have faced immense struggles on their journey to parenthood – powerful, pivotal women who are standing up for what they believe in! It’s the first-hand accounts of mothers who are Making A Difference with their love, understanding and patience.

“I don’t want you to ever feel alone!” says Jess Sermak. “Together, let’s celebrate Motherhood in its entirety – even the challenging parts!”

This heartfelt book will help you to heal your insecurities, bring purpose back into your life, and empower you to awaken the Mama within!

Mothers Making A Difference is your invitation to follow your heart home, embrace love, and believe there’s hope.

Know that you, too, are a mother making a difference.


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