Business Warriors Vol. I


Are you a business or professional woman working in a corporate or business setting?

Do you constantly have to juggle work demands with relationships, family and health issues?

Do you struggle to keep afloat at times, wondering how you are going to meet every need?

If this sounds like you then this book is definitely for you.

There is a powerhouse of information in this particular volume that has been written for you and to you, with a great deal of care, and with the view to making your life easier.

It really is all about you!!



The Business Warriors project is a compilation project with contributions from a number of talented and dedicated small business people whom I call Business Warriors.

Like the Samurai, modern business warriors take pride in working to master themselves and hone their skills to the benefit of their customers and clients just like you.

They are brave, they choose courage over comfort, they take risks, they step outside of their comfort zones and they face their fears in order to create something bigger and better for you.

Service is the Business Warrior’s sword, their strength, and their super power. They are always conscious of serving in a way that adds authentic value to the world, and always looking for ways to improve their ability to connect and serve their customers and clients meaningfully.

And every single one of the authors in this book brings their best to their chapters in the hopes that you – the working woman – will gain massive value and take away tips and skills and resources that you can put into practice in your life today, and every day. This matters deeply to them and this is what sets them apart from others who seek your custom.

If you are a working woman and you want to know how to work smarter not harder, I encourage you to read this book.




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