6 Keys To Happiness


Emotions might be challenging at times, but there is something we all need to understand:

Feelings don’t just go away.

Feelings always seek resolution.

Feelings need to be processed.

Emotions are only troublesome when they have been ignored for too long. When we learn how to respond to them appropriately, they can be resolved, and we can be at peace.

6 Keys to Happiness will show you how to do that for yourself.


6 Keys to Happiness written by author Deborah Fay is the definitive Personal Development book and a step-by-step guide for creating a happy, emotionally confident life.

It is specifically written for anyone who wants to make real and lasting change in their experience of life.  You might be living with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, maybe your relationships aren’t fulfilling or they end too soon, maybe you just can’t seem to get ahead in your life, or maybe you just want to be a happier, more successful version of you.  This book will take you where you want to go.

6 Keys To Happiness is a personal journey of self-discovery that gives you all the tools you need to understand and build emotional resilience while fostering emotional resilience in the important people you share your life with.

You can read 6 Keys to Happiness to create a happier life for yourself, or perhaps you have a partner, a parent, a child, a friend or a colleague who is struggling emotionally and you want to read it so that you can understand and support someone you love.

How much better would life be if you had a better understanding of what the core values of true happiness were, and even better, had a blueprint for implementing that understanding into your life?  This is what 6 Keys to Happiness can do for you.


“Great book, great insight, very plain and easy to read. Makes you think about yourself and others.” ~ Gail Hudson

“It was nice to meet you on the weekend and I loved listening to your presentation, so interesting and engaging!!  I have already read your e-book [Grow Up] and the 6 Keys to Happiness book and they are amazing! I read lots of personal development books and your 2 books have been some of the most useful books I have read as they are simple, practical and contain really useful strategies.” ~ Beatrice Peters

“I LOVE YOUR BOOK!  I especially love the “worksheets” and blanks to complete.  I believe it is useful to address these important questions about ourselves.  I have just placed an order for two [more] copies to give to two relatives whom I believe will resonate with the ideas that you write in your amazing book!”  ~ Dr Siti Hawa

“I’m really connecting with ‘6 Keys to Happiness’, and I think that’s for two reasons: the content makes so much darn sense and I really understand your writing style. Your writing is so well constructed that the text flows in a logical sequence that even a frazzled nutter like me can follow it and absorb it. I’m making a point of carving out some time at night to read and I have to warn you that I will be using your book (my book now) as a text. This means yellow highlighter and dog-eared pages! My librarian father must be turning in his grave at the way I read and process information, but I need to use your book as a working guide, not just something that will look good on my coffee table. I’m delighted that this book has come into my life at a time when it can be of the most use to me, and when I can do it justice too.” ~ Jo Scott

“Fabulous book.  The 6 Keys to Happiness by Deborah Fay is a must have in your book collection if you are serious about building and living a happy and fulfilled life.  Deb has written this book in such as way that it is both inviting and simple to read but also extremely powerful and practical. Important concepts such as stress, anxiety and unhappiness are dealt with in a straight forward and clear way and skills and tools to transform your thoughts and actions are given.
This is not just a book you will read and re-read. It is a book you will
actually put to use every day to support you in living your best life.” ~ Tina Bindon

“I’ve just finished reading your amazing book. I’m going to go back now and re read slowly and do the exercises at the end of each chapter.  I loved that your book was easy to read, very clear and easy to follow. I thought the tool section at the end of each chapter was a great addition and very practical. I found the 2nd and 4th key particularly relevant to me. Light bulb moment for me when you explain how your personal values will change over time.” ~ Cathy Burls


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