The Gilded Cage


Lesley Oliver gives a rare insight into what it is like to live under the gossamer-like shroud of non-physical domestic violence and recounts her military-like covert operation to escape to a new life where she eventually sought justice.



Domestic violence can be subtle, sophisticated, and imperceptible to the uninitiated. Sometimes known as ‘white collar’ abuse, emotional, financial, sexual, social or verbal abuse is easily obscured by affluence. It leaves no apparent mark on the victim but it is absolute in its ability to paralyse them with fear. And domestic violence does not discriminate, it could be happening to you, your sister, your daughter, your mother or your friend. Lesley Oliver shares her story to lift the veil on how insidious and multi-faceted domestic and family violence can be, how to recognise it, how to break free from it under your own terms, and how to successfully navigate your way through the complex maze that is the Family Law system.


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