How To Create a Super Sexy, Sacred Writing Space…

Hi and welcome. Today I am talking about why it is crucial that you create your own super sexy, sacred writing space.

If you are an author, you have ideas, and you have a deep drive to explore and express those ideas. That’s just our nature. Our operating system if you like.

Those ideas can be like demanding children competing for our attention, so there can be nothing worse to an author than having lots of ideas swimming around in our heads and not being able to give them the attention they crave and deserve. We need to be able to process our thoughts and see where they want to take us.

Obviously, this is a first world problem, but it is a heart-felt problem and one that has to be addressed or we literally ache.

So, what could possibly get in the way of us expressing our true nature?

Well, there can be a number of reasons that we can’t express ourselves as we would like, including:

1. No space to write – always being surrounded by people and having no privacy.

2. No place to write – nowhere to set up a computer or to keep your journals where they can be safe and private.

3. No time to write – having lots of demands on your time and being too tired to try and find space to write.

4. Nothing to write on – no laptop, no computer, or no journal to write in.

I want to reassure you that by creating a designated writing space you can fix all of these things and turn your desire to write from a chore into the pleasurable experience it really wants to be for you.

So, what does a super sexy sacred writing space look and feel like?

For starters, it’s your writing space and nothing else. It’s not somewhere you dump things when you run out of room somewhere else. It is just for writing and it stays that way.

Your space needs a door in order to keep it sacred.

It’s a space you want to be in. You must love it and you must feel like it loves you right back.

It has to be a very personal space that lifts you up and makes you feel great.

It needs to be the right temperature so that you are comfortable.

It has to be free of clutter. Clutter includes any unfinished business like washing or folding, paperwork, or any other responsibilities that are screaming for your attention (and make you feel guilty every time you look at them). Clutter also includes having too many things in too small a space, and it also includes having things around you that don’t inspire you.

Your space also needs to be attractive and have simple things that make you feel good when you look at them. Maybe they hold special memories or maybe they just look good to you. You don’t want anything that will distract you though. Just things that help you feel creative and help you stay focused on what you are there to do.

And finally, your space needs to smell nice.

Where do you start if you are going to create your own super sexy sacred writing space?

First of all, know that it’s not a case of whether you have a designated writing space or not. It’s a case of whether you decide to create one or not. It is entirely up to you and what you consider to be important. A lot can be done with very little.

Start by choosing a space that is, or can be, closed off. It doesn’t need to be big. It just needs to be functional.

It is has an inspiring view, great. If not, you can create one inside your room.

Ideally your space would have room for a laptop/computer desk and a comfortable chair. And maybe a comfortable reading chair or recliner as well for those times when you want to meditate or when you prefer to use pen and paper to the computer.

Strip the room of everything that is not necessary to your writing practice.

Make sure the lighting is right for the mood you want to create and think about a paint job in a neutral colour that you love.

Make sure your space can be kept private and that no one can enter your space without your permission.

Set up your computer/laptop and keep the desk clean and uncluttered. Maybe add a photo or your loved ones for inspiration or include a picture of a beautiful place that is meaningful to you.

You could include an inspirational quote if that helps you get into the mood to write.

Add a bluetooth speaker to your space or use headphones/air pods to play music to. Consider classical music or binaural beats to help you get into the zone and stay in the zone.

And add a diffuser with a bottle of oil that you love and make sure the room can be kept cool or warm depending on what part of the world you live in and what season it is.

Think in terms of all the senses as you create your beautiful space. You want everything you see, everything you hear and what you smell to be inspiring and uplifting. And you want to be physically comfortable, so the temperature needs to be right for you.

Having a designated space will change your life as a writer. It will make you so much more productive and the quality of your writing will improve dramatically as you practice your craft from an inspired place within you.

I hope this has been helpful. Please send me photos of your writing spaces if you already have a space. Or if you decide to create one, we would love to see it.

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That’s it from me for this week but I will be back next week with another blog.

Bye for now. x

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