3 Reasons Why You Need to Take Your Writing Seriously

Many authors – especially first-time authors – worry themselves sick about who will read their book and what are they going to think about them. It’s actually debilitating for some authors.

Non-fiction authors in particular worry about offending anyone who has played a part in their story, and they even worry about potentially being sued by anyone who doesn’t like the way they are portrayed in their book.

The fact is, though, that there’s so much more to consider when you are writing – whether you are writing a book, a blog, a social media post or a text message – and it’s all about impact and influence.

Today I want to explore the reasons why, as authors, we all need to take our writing seriously, and how we can, and should, make the most of any influence we might have.

First, let me ask you, how seriously do you take yourself as an author? And how seriously do you take your writing?

American neuroanatomist, author, and inspirational public speaker, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, encourages us all to ‘take responsibility for the energy we bring into a room’.

What room is she talking about? And why? These are important questions that I believe deserve a good amount of our attention.

The room is literally anywhere we show up, whether that be in person or not.

The way we look, what we say (verbally and in writing) and what we do all generate a certain energy and send messages to anyone who is watching or listening to us.

There is a reason why people who grow a following are called ‘Influencers’, and as an author, you have the potential to influence for better or for worse.

Are you actually aware of the influence you have? Have you ever really given it much thought?

It might be that many influencers became influencers by accident, but why not start your career as an author as you mean to finish? Why not deliberately set out to influence and do it in a way that you can be proud of?

There are three main reasons why I believe an author should take their writing seriously and that includes:

1. Being an author is both an honour and a responsibility.

Do you remember that line in Spiderman where Peter Parker’s uncle tells Peter that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’?

This is true for authors, and the more readers you reach, the more power you potentially have.

Writing gives us time to be thoughtful about how we frame our messages and what sort of impact we want to have.

Why not take that seriously?

2. You never know who is listening.

Who are you writing to? And who is listening? Are they the same people? And are you considering the answer to these questions before you write?

Serial entrepreneur, Artemis Limpert once said that ‘in every interaction we have we are either giving something or we are taking something away’.

What sort of impact do you want to have? Are you giving something to your reader, or are you taking something away? Do you want to build something or do you want to break something down, because that is the power you have when you put pen to paper, or press your fingers to the keyboard and press publish.

Remember: a book is forever.

3. People want to be moved.

While you cannot entirely control how people take your writing, there is opportunity and wisdom in being mindful of how you want to move people.

I have talked about this before. There is nothing more true than the fact that people want to be moved, so why not be mindful about how you do that?

Further to how you move them, think about how much you want to move them?

Do you want to move them in a big way? Or do you just want to plant seeds and see where that takes them?

It all comes down to this: what is the outcome you want for your reader and how much do you want it?

Your answer to these questions will determine how you approach your writing, how powerful your call to action will be and ultimately, how seriously others will take your writing.

That’s if from me for today.

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Bye for now!

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