Grow Up


13 practical ways to improve your child’s Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience at home and at school.

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Grow Up – 13 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence at Home and at School has been written to help parents and teachers navigate what can only be described as the ever-colourful journey associated with raising and educating children.

It has been written specifically for parents and teachers who are challenged by children who are at various stages of development and who might be acting out and displaying one or more of the following:

Challenging behaviours
Emotional outbursts
Extreme emotions
Obvious developmental delays or impairments

Social development challenges

Language issues
Physical issues such as fine or gross motor delays

Executive functioning issues
Impulse control
Inability to follow instructions
Difficulty getting and staying on task

My intention in writing this book is to address some of these issues and bring understanding and step-by-step guidance to parents and teachers so that life is easier, more manageable and more enjoyable for parent, teacher and child.


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