MJL Author Cindy Corrie Makes The News

MJL Author Cindy Corrie is doing amazing things in Redlands where she has been working hard to open The Sycamore School – Autism Friendly Learning.

Cindy Corrie
Cindy Corrie

Cindy was looking at schooling for her own son when she found herself in the office of Independent Schools and they suggested she start her own school, thinking they would never hear from her again.

Little did they know they were talking to a dynamo with the education and determination to be able to do exactly what they suggested.

“Our current status with opening the school is that we are currently in negotiations with DET around the lease, enabling ASD Learning to continue the accreditation and planning processes necessary for the school to open in 2017,’’ she said. “We are absolutely grateful for the support of Minister D’Ath who has been a wonderful supporter of this service in the Redlands.”

You can read more at the Redland City Bulletin

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