Join the Write-A-Book Club

Join the Write-A-Book Club

Have you got a book (or several books) in you?

Do you have a unique experience, a story or a specific set of skills the world would benefit from?

Are you a coach, a counsellor or a business person who would like to learn how to write non-fiction and self-help books so that you can reach more clients and build your business?

Perhaps you would like writing to be your business.

If you said yes to any of these then the Write-A-Book Club might be exactly what you need.

The Write-A-Book Club is a comprehensive 12 month author support package specifically created to help new and aspiring authors to realise their dreams of publishing.

Does self-doubt keep you from writing a book? Do you think you are not good enough or don’t know enough to be an author? Do you wonder “who would want to read my book”?

The Write A Book Club is for writers who are yet to be published.  It is also for writers who have already been published but have more books to write and they want to learn more about how to self-publish their future projects.  And it is for coaches, counsellors and other small business people who want to build their business and reach more clients by publishing a book.

But the Write A Book Club is an especially good place for those who have allowed self-doubt around their worth and their ability to write a book to keep them from taking their dream seriously.

And it is an especially good place for those who know deep down that they have a really important message to share and they just need a little help and guidance to get that message into a book and out into the world where it can make a difference to someone else.

In the first 6 months since launching the Write-A-Book Club more than 70% of our authors had already completed the first draft of their books and they are now in the process of being prepared for publication.

I myself was in my late 40s when I took the plunge, overcame my fears and finally published my first book.  It had been a dream of mine since I was a teenager and it was the best thing I ever did.

Since then I have published several books for several authors and this year I transitioned from my full-time counselling business into publishing so that I can encourage and support other people just like me to overcome their fears and doubts and gain the necessary skills to publish their own stories.

When knowledge is low, fear is high. 

When knowledge is high, fear is low. 

I know that when you know how to write and publish your book, you will overcome your fears and doubts and any other blocks you might have, and you will be able to realise your dream.

I also know that when you know how to write and publish your book, you will be able to tell your story and share you knowledge in a way that makes a real difference to others.

Does making a difference matter to you? 

It does to me.

So what do you get when you join the Write A Book Club?

The Write A Book Club is a super supportive environment  where our authors get to learn and grow in the company of, and with the support of lots of other authors.

As a member of the club you will have access to a range of products and services that will help you get your book written and published over the course of the next 12 months.

Those products and services include:

1 A Book Planning and Scheduling Session

This is such an exciting session because this is where we create your personal blueprint for your book including a 12 month step by step plan of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

We will take you through a specific process that will help you to refine what your core message is, who your target audience is, how best to articulate your message for that particular audience and what type of support you will need to complete your book.

Then we put all of that information  – every step and every chore – onto your very own 12 month plan so that you can see exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

At the end of this session you will have your step by step plan and you’ll be able to get into action straight away.  And, you’ll be really excited about publishing your book. This is when it starts to feel real and you know it’s not just going to happen, it’s actually happening.

2 Twelve months access to Author Gym

Author Gym is a fantastic subscription based membership which gives authors access to unlimited laser coaching sessions over the course of their 12 month membership.  

These 15 minute sessions can be used for coaching in writing or in publishing and will depend on where the author is at and what they need in order to complete their book.

3 Twelve months access to Group Coaching

With Group Coaching you will have access to weekly live coaching sessions where we help our authors to be the best they can be and get the most they can out of their writing and publishing experience.  

This is a fantastic way to build on your writing and publishing skills and address any concerns or questions you have around your own experience.  It’s also a great way to mix with and learn from the other authors in the Club.

4 Twelve months access to our Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are content rich presentations and include topics such as #1 Writing To Engage, #2 Self-editing and Formatting for various print options, #3 Write to Connect – Sharing your Story and Managing Emotions During the Writing Process, #4 Inspired to Write, #5 Formatting for EBooks, #6 Your Author Business and Education Based Marketing and so much more.

5 Access to a private community on Facebook where you can socialise, interact and push through barriers with like-minded people.

6 And finally, Club members will have their books formatted for the three most popular ebook platforms at the end of the twelve months.

This package is valued at more than $2100.

Today you can join The Club for $1297 or 3 x monthly payments of $472

NEW:  And now with the option of 6 x monthly payments of $249 to make it so much easier for you to get your book written and published.

If you are still unsure and you have some more questions, I would be happy to chat further with you.  Book yourself in for a free information session and let me answer your questions for you.

If you already know this is the way to go for you then click the button below that suits you best and let’s get started on writing and publishing your book.