Letisha McCaughey

LetishaMeet Letisha McCaughey, a mum of four boys. It is Letisha’s third son Cory who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Letisha is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of The Wellness Generation, Founder of Young Stroke Survivors Support, Owner of Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise and author of the soon to be released e-book You Are What You Absorb.

Letisha believes that modern day living has contributed to her autoimmune condition, stroke, and weight struggles and to Cory’s developmental differences. Letisha took her health and the health of her family into her own hands by studying Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition subjects, then educated herself on cellular function, how the body works and how to restore the mind and body back to optimal wellbeing through nutrition.

Letisha has observed significant improvement in Cory’s mood, behaviour and anxiety when he is taking whole food chewables and omitting dairy and gluten from his diet.

Due to overcoming many challenges, Letisha is committed to helping others. For each new customer order from The Wellness Generation and her Juice Plus+ virtual franchise, Letisha donates $1.00 to Young Stroke Survivors Support.

Letisha operates her business virtually so she has the time to be with her children when they need her.

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