KBP Module 5

Hello and Welcome to Module 5. After this module there is only one module to go and you will have completed the program. Yay!!

Remember to email me at deb@disruptivepublishing.com.au if you have any issues or questions with the module and I will address them on the next zoom call.

Click below to download your workbook for this week

Following are the videos in which I show you how to insert your cover into your document, convert your file into an epub file, upload your file to Amazon KDP and publish your EBook.

Introduction to Module 5:

How to insert your cover into your manuscript:

How to convert your book to an epub file:

How to upload your epub file to Amazon Kindle and publish your book

Following is the recording of our group call where I go over the Module 5 workbook with the group.

CLICK HERE when you are finished with this module and would like to move on to the next one.

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