Supervise Me!



Supervise Me! is a quick and easy guide to support counsellors in finding one of your most important professional relationships.



For some, supervision and its benefits are shrouded in mystery, while for others, it is vilified as a service that they are entitled to receive, a waste of their time and money, despite being a regulatory body requirement.

For Tanya, supervision has been a vital tool for learning and development which is why she is so passionate about her role as Supervisor for other counsellors. Supervision is where you have a trusted professional touching base with you about your own good mental health while you work in the often-complicated lives and stories of others.

The aim of this book, Supervise Me!, is to clarify what supervision is and why we need it, to be able to distinguish between effective and ineffectual supervision, and lastly, provide questions that may help you find a supervisor that is an excellent fit for you and your needs.


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