Your book in the hands of an Influencer…

I wanted to share with you how one or our authors ended up having her book shared to a mailing list of more than 60K people, then to a Facebook page with a following of more than 230K, and then to an Instagram account with a following of more than 61K people.

Disruptive Author Zoe Martin, author of Making Peace with Autism, was inspired to send a copy of her book to one of her favourite people and someone who had been a positive influence in her life. She sent it as a gift to say thank you for what this person had done for her and her family.

A couple of weeks later, Zoe received a phone call from that person – leading parenting educator, Maggie Dent – and let’s just say that Maggie was delighted with her gift and wanted to do something for Zoe in return.

Maggie told Zoe that she would be promoting Zoe’s book as her book of the month and that she hoped every single person who followed her would buy her book.

How exciting is that?! Zoe has had just a few sales come in as a result, which is just wonderful, and it is good for everyone.

So let me ask you, is there an influencer in your life that might appreciate a heartfelt gift from you? Perhaps a copy of your book? You never know who might pick it up and benefit from reading it so why not send it out there.

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