Stages of Self


Stages of Self Your Journey to Self-Empowerment is a poetically written journey showing women how to break the cycles of disempowerment and pain embedded in their lives.



This new and unique framework, told through the story of five elegantly mysterious feminine archetypes, shows women how to have the courage to take responsibility for their lives and find true self-empowerment.

“This is the story that our mothers didn’t know they had to teach us. The story that their mothers didn’t know they had to teach them. The story that has been forgotten over time and left generation after generation of women, chasing their tails trying to figure out what that ‘wrong’ feeling is within themselves.” – Melly Stewart

By the end of this book, you will have found the commitment to go through your own journey and, in doing so, become a beacon of strength for others. You will be able to show them what it means to be a confident woman, boldly walking through life in the direction of their dreams.


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