EBook: 2021 Year of the Yin Golden Ox


Are you ready to bring the best out of your home for 2021?  This book is all about you and your space. It is the Best Little Red Guide Book you will read.

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The Key to 2021 is to work smarter not harder – be firm in your resolve, connect to the year and awaken to what’s going on around you, and how not to get stuck in your own stubbornness.

It’s time for growth and recovery, but it is going to take more energy from you.

This coming year 2021 is about the Ox, our stalwart of the Chinese Zodiac- one of the hardest working animals. This year will require consistency, but the rewards will be bountiful!

When you have your home energy and harmony working for you – you will see more opportunities, find mentors and wise ones who will support you through those opportunities.

Want to know more? Start reading so we can get your home ready for the year of the Yin Golden Ox.

“Join me in this new easy to follow book, where I support you to navigate the year ahead, define the most harmonious areas of your living and working space, learn how to create and take action to make 2021 work with you.”

~ Leanne Carius


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