MJL Publications/My Juicy Life wins MBCC Best Small Business Award 2016

A wonderful thing happened for MJL Publications and My Juicy Life on the weekend. We won the MBCC Best in Small Business Award.


To be nominated by one of our authors, Trish Springsteen, and then to be in the same category with two of our authors Marney Perna and Paula Burgess was so exciting.

Truth is that MJL can’t exist without it’s wonderful authors sharing their beautiful stories and without many others in the background bringing the books to life and getting them noticed.

MJL Publications actually grew out of my counselling practice, My Juicy Life, and out of my desire to reach a broader audience than I can on a one-to-one basis.

As a counsellor I am particularly passionate about teaching Emotional Intelligence and emotional resilience to people of all ages and apart from enjoying helping individuals to enjoy happier, healthier lives, I have no doubt that developing Emotional IQ is the answer to reducing incidences of relationship breakdowns, domestic violence, crime and suicide rates amongst other things.

I still practice as a counsellor and I take every opportunity to share my message about Emotional IQ but just over 2 years ago, and with lots of help, I had the idea to publish a compilation book called Domestic Detox about the impact of toxins and other environmental factors on mental health, physical health and childhood development.

I absolutely loved the process, particularly the part of helping people to find their voices through publishing, and since then MJL Publications has published my signature message about emotional intelligence in 6 Keys To Happiness, we have coordinated and published another compilation book called Parenting A Child On The Spectrum and just recently, published Beyond The ADHD Label for Paula Burgess from Beyond The Maze.

And we now have many more projects in progress including another compilation book called Touched By Breast Cancer, which we are currently collecting submissions for.

Everything that has been achieved through MJL Publications has been a collaborative effort, starting with the more than 40 people who have told their stories through MJL Publications

Each and every one of MJL’s authors are real people telling real stories about topics that matter and their stories are having a hugely positive impact on our community and I am so much richer for having worked with those authors.

Then there are those people behind the scenes including my husband Stuart, who has been my sounding board and my reality check, and my son Matthew who has been of enormous support with IT.  Domestic Detox might not have eventuated if it were not for Matthew and his amazing skills in all things digital.

My daughter Alex brings her skills as a professional editor to MJL and has done almost all of the editing for our projects to date and MJL’s media and business coach, Deb Morandin of Entrepreneur’s Paradise has had a huge impact on our business.

What a great team we make and what an exciting future we have to look forward to 

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