Touched By Breast Cancer on track for publishing in 2018

MJL Publications is currently taking submissions for Touched by Breast Cancer – Stories of Courage and Hope.

We are looking for contributions from anyone who has an experience to share.  Perhaps you love someone who has Breast Cancer, perhaps you have had breast cancer yourself, or perhaps you provide vital services to women with breast cancer such as medical or psychological support.

Whatever your experience, if this sounds like it might be you and you are interested in becoming a published author then we want you to hear from you right now, today.  Simply push the button below to register your interest and we will email you a booklet outlining all the details of the project.

Then, if you decide this project is something you would like to contribute to, then you simply follow the instruction in the booklet and you could be standing beside us as an MJL Publications Author when we launch the book later this year.

Your story matters and it could make a world of difference to someone else, so press the button below and join us today.  We will show you the way.



MJL Publications Launches Latest Project

MJL Publications is proud to launch their latest project – a compilation book called Touched By Breast Cancer which will be published in 2018.

It is our aim to collect stories that express the many ways in which breast cancer impacts on individuals, their loved ones and their communities.

Whether directly or indirectly touched by Breast Cancer you can be sure that your journey will be challenging but the stories you read will inspire you to rise above and find whatever it is you need for your own personal journey.

If you have a story to tell and would like to share it please follow this link to download the Storyline Concepts for Touched By Breast Cancer:Download-button-small3