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The Business Warrior project is a collaborative project created especially for small business people who know that publishing a book would make a significant difference to them in their business, but they don’t have the time, the energy, the funds or possibly even the inclination to write and publish a whole book on their own.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

~ African proverb

Standing with the last Samurai outside of Nagoya Castle. The Samurai took pride in being disciplined and in consistently working to master themselves and hone their skills. It is the characteristics of the Samurai that I attribute to the modern day Business Warrior.

FACT #1:  Small business people know that in order to grow their business they need to set themselves apart from their competition and they need to stand out from the crowd so that their target market can find them.

FACT #2:  Small business people know that they need to create ways to build more meaningful connections with their target market so that their market can get to know them, like them and trust them enough to buy from them.

FACT #3:  Small business people they know that they will never exceed certain income levels while they are trading time for money and working on a one-to-one basis.

“A book is without a doubt the most effective way to raise your profile within the community, and set yourself apart from your competition.” ~ Deborah Fay

A book is a wonderful opportunity for a small business person to build a relationship with their target market by talking about the person or the people behind their business, sharing what drives them to do what they do and letting their target audience know who they will be doing business with when they buy from you.

And a compilation book is the ideal way to achieve all the results a small business person wants without the time, the emotional stress and the cost involved in writing and publishing a book on your own.

“The Business Warrior compilation books are designed to deliver the look and feel of your very own book to each contributor with considerably less cost, less emotional stress and less time than it would take to write and publish an entire book on your own.”

Some of the benefits of choosing to be a contributor to a Business Warriors compilation book include:

    • Two options for participation:  Collaborative Option or Personalised Option
    • Get published in 16 weeks
    • Be one of only 10 contributors all of whom are in complimentary – not competitive – businesses
    • Only 3000-4000 words required
    • Full coaching support until you get your chapter written
    • Give your target market a wonderful opportunity to know like and trust you so they can feel good about buying from you
    • 6 printed copies of your book to sell or give away
    • Your chapter as a professional ebook for you to sell or give away
    • Your photo on the front cover alongside your co-authors

And for anyone who wants their book completely personalised:

    • Your photo on the front cover
    • Your chapter at the front of the book and
    •  Your name on the front cover

All the publishing is taken care of for you and you are fully supported with weekly coaching through the writing process so that you can get your chapter done and be proud of it.

Your chapter will be professionally edited.

Collaborative covers will be designed using photos provided by the authors.

If you choose the Personalised Option your chapter will be placed at the front of your personalised version of the book.

Your personalised book cover will be designed for you with your photo (provided by you) front and centre.

You will be given a profile page on the MJL Publications website with links back to your business.

You will have access to marketing materials which you can use if you want to market and sell your book from your website or on your promotional materials.

Your book will be available in print format to sell or give away as you please.

Your personal chapter will be turned into a professional ebook which you can use to grow your mailing list and grow your customer base.

You will be able to buy copies of your book at a wholesale rate and you will also be able to set up an affiliate account where you will receive a generous commission from any and all sales generated by you.

And you will be invited to join your co-authors at an exciting, collaborative, book launch where you can meet your fellow authors and showcase your book in the company of family, friends and clients*.

So, the questions you need to ask are:

  • Do you really want to grow your business?
  • Do you really want to stand out from the crowd?
  • Do you really want to give your ideal customer the opportunity to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you?


  • How proud are you going to feel when you share your book with your family, your friends and your prospective customers?

This package is valued at more than AU$1700.00 but we have put the package together in such a way that you can be a part of this exciting adventure into publishing for a very reasonable investment.

You can choose the Collaborative Option for just $395 (+ GST)

Or you can choose the Personalised Option and have your book with your picture and your name on the cover, in your hand for just $595 (+GST)

All you need to do today to secure your place in the next edition of Business Warriors is make a deposit of $100 (+GST).

When we are ready to get started, which won’t be far away, you will be invoiced for the balance.

You will be able to pay the balance in one payment


3 x monthly payments

If you know this is going to be a great investment for you, and one you can feel really good about, click the payment button below, pay your deposit and let’s get started.

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$100 +GST secures your place in the next Business Warriors project

If you still have questions about contributing however, I would be happy to chat with you some more.  Simply click on the BOOK NOW button below and book yourself in for a free information session.

Let’s make this happen.

*Costings for book launches are an additional cost and are calculated based on a number of factors including projected attendance, venue, video/photography engagement to name a few, and as such it is easier to negotiate this as a team once the contributors are chosen and we are aware of logistical matters that need to be taken into consideration. Participation is not compulsory.